The origin of Sunflower, which belongs to Helianthus (Genus) of Asteraceae (Family), is the Midwest of North America, and American Indians used to eat Sunflower seeds.
The history of Sunflower seeds as food is back to B.C. 3,000, but its diversity is acknowledged recently.
Although Russia began to produce Sunflower seeds in the 18th century and became the largest producing country in the world, the production of Sunflower seeds in USA shows a big increase where the commercial planting started after the Second World War.
The Sunflower is cultivated in three provinces of northeast area of China where Yanji Shoei is located in and Sunflower seeds are harvested between September and October. กกกก
Sunflower seeds are not only eaten as snacks after being fried or roasted but also used as raw materials for confectioneries and breads, cereals, cookies, toppings for salad and dessert, and raw materials for various kinds of cuisines.

Sunflower Seeds (raw)